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D Seller's Universal Rotating Tap Faucet

D Seller's Universal Rotating Tap Faucet

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Multi angle rotation, double water outlet mode, cleaning and splash prevention

Grooming Assistant: Allow 1080 ° full rotation, easy access to every corner of the sink, and provide additional extension so that you can easily hold the faucet. It is easier to clean face, hair and teeth,and double gaskets to prevent dripping,especially for children, the elderly, and women with long hair.

Rotating Filter Faucet The splash filter faucet adds air into the water stream, making it oxygen-rich and resulting in a wider spray of water that does not splash all over and feels soothing on the skin. Unlike a standard faucet extender, the faucet sprayer attachment can rotate 1080 degrees.

Easy to install: Install in 2 minutes. This product can be installed directly on a faucet with 24mm female thread and 22mm male thread aerator connector. Compatible with most faucets.

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